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Baling Press

Imabe Baling Press for paper, cardboard, plastics, pet, etc., are a benchmark in the recycling sector, thanks to two main features:


From the lowest to the highest production equipment, the structure construction of the Baling Press is made to ensure maximum lifspan, with a design that reduces the wearing of the equipment, therefore decreasing all maintenance and spare part costs. This is achieved by designing the heavier and robust racks in the industry with high resistant steels, and including anti-wear steel plates when it is needed. The main ram of the balers is exactly adjusted to the guides of the main frame in order to avoid mechanical imbalances and structural wearing. Imabe blades design and shearing operation is also special, distributing the stress in the power cut, reflected in a more efficient energy consumption system and making unnecessary the pre-press operation.


The hydraulic system is designed to achieve the highest production ratios, the heaviest bales, and the less energy consumption with lowest noise generation. We maximize the cylinder diameter design, reaching the highest specific pressure in the sector, by means of the most efficient hydraulic flow. This is done basically because of the variable flow pumps that we install. This pumps are state of the art technology in hydraulics, ensuring the highest production ratios, with the lowest energy consumption, without reaching pressure levels that at some point may be detrimental to the hydraulic circuits.

Imabe iberica offers a wide range of models, with different production capacities, feeding inlets, pressing forces, bale dimensions, etc., with the objective of adapting our equipment to each customer need.