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Urban, industrial, toxic waste treatment plants

Imabe iberica experience includes all development of different waste processing plants, including turn key projects designed for sorting, treatment and recycling of solid urban waste (suw), industrial waste, hazardous waste and single stream waste projects.

All sorting process is done fully integrated: design, manufacture, assembly and start up in turnkey basis of processing plants for sorting and recycling of all types of waste. This is one of the main activities of imabe iberica.

Our technical engineer office is equipped with the most advanced technology, and based in more than 40 years of experience, imabe iberica analyzes the needs and requirements of each customer in order to develop the sorting and recycling process adapted to each project, offering tailor made solutions for each requirement.

The main objective of this processing plants is to sort in the most optimal way, the recycling content of each material by means of a sorting line in which by different manual and automatic methods, each fraction will be sorted to be transformed into a recycling product. The refuse generated in this sorting lines will be taken by an automatic conveyor to a high density baler, in order to make an efficient transport when taking it to the landfill.

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