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Automatic Horizontal Baling

Hydraulic presses of reduced volume of recycled materials industry have different terminologies depending on country or area, namely baler, baling press, press channel baler presses for recycling, but the term most used is the automatic horizontal press.

These balers are used to reduce the volume of paper, cardboard, PET, FILM and ultimately all kinds of waste, & nbsp; saving storage space and enhancing the rate of recovery after transport factories.

Balers installations / baler presses for paper or paperboard may include a crusher, to help reduce the size of these materials, achieving an increase in the density of baled material, which means heavier bullets, & nbsp; however, presses such plastics need not grinder. Imabe offers the possibility to install in PET balers, click bottles team punching the same, so that the bottles are closed let the air out of them. & Nbsp; Always with the same goal of getting better returns.

Imabe, always attentive to the needs of its customers, develops equipment adapted to & nbsp; those needs. & nbsp; Therefore, & nbsp; design and manufacture balers / Automatic balers lateral bound, balers / balers double bound or tied vertically.

Imabe baling presses feature a fully automatic tying system, depending on their size, can be four or five wires.

Regarding the range of productions, Imabe automatic horizontal presses ranging from 3 tons / hour to 40 tons / hour. Depending on the amount of material and the type of material of our customers, Imabe recommends a feeding system according to the needs of space and production as a good feeding system, can maximize the characteristics of the waste press.