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Shear baler for rdf

Imabe iberica’s philosophy of continuos innovation and improve of all its product line, together with our customer oriented design in terms of operational cost reduction, equipment lifespan and productivity, moves us to develop a new shear baler px-200.

The new shear baler imabe px-200 is a benchmark in the industry of volume reduction equipment, able to replace the primary shredding process of rdf preparation. Shear baler px-200 reduces drastically the energetic consumption compared to the shredder increasing at the same time the lifespan of the cutting blades.

The design of this equipment allows operating continuosly without having any stoppage. Px-200 is able to cut all “strange” materials (big pieces of steel, rocks, etc.) that can damage normally any shredder. Because of our shearing technology instead of shredding the material, the knives do not suffer in comparison and with this design, stoppage risks are avoided.