IMABE and Waste2Solutions: Strategic Alliance for recycling equipment in the United States

IMABE, a leading recycling equipment manufacturer, and Waste2Solutions, a leading US distributor, have joined forces to offer the best recycling solutions in the US market, enhancing their service even further and faster.

The purpose to help their customers to improve their competitiveness and the urgent need to address waste management have led companies worldwide to seek their innovative solutions for recycling and materials reuse. In this context, the business partnership between the recycling machinery manufacturer IMABE and Waste2Solutions represents a significant step towards a more sustainable future in the USA.

IMABE: Pioneer in Recycling Technology

IMABE is a company founded in 1975 by the Benitez family, which provides solutions for the recycling and waste treatment industry, as well as forage baling.

Since its creation, the company has distinguished itself by a clear international and export character, positioning itself as a global leader in the sector and obtaining most of its revenues abroad. Proof of this are the more than 3,000 installations that the company has carried out in more than 60 different countries in its 45 years of experience. IMABE has delegations in the United States, Mexico, Argentina and Spain.

IMABE offers a wide range of products that many American customers have already trusted: automatic horizontal balers, shears, two ram balers, conveyors... The latest examples of installations can be found in the United States at J. Solotoken & Company, INC., where a Three ram baler for metal scrap CH-1500 was installed, and at Duffy, where a channel baler 240/3000 was installed.

W2S: Service backed by knowledge

Waste2Solutions is committed to providing its customers with the most efficient, highest quality products and support available in the Recycling Industry today. This commitment is reflected in the IMABE and Waste2Solutions alliance, which continues the promise to the industry of quality equipment, professional support, and reliable service.

The company provides excellent customer support, offering technical assistance and original OEM parts promptly. W2S prioritizes customer needs and industry standards, ensuring excellence by supplying top-quality equipment. The Wildes family's business, industry leaders with innovative designs, promise to continue their legacy through this alliance.

Keys to the alliance

The business partnership between IMABE and Waste2Solutions is a powerful example of synergy in the recycling industry. By combining IMABE's technical expertise with Waste2Solutions' forward-looking vision, the alliance is aimed to drive significant advantages for their customers.

Thanks to this partnership, IMABE enhances its coverage in the United States, providing better service to its clients, as well as expanding its sales, parts and customer service. This alliance is focused on ensuring the most important thing: putting the customer at the center and being able to offer them the best services.

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