Bag opener

Designed to tear plastic bags and empty the waste inside without crushing or chopping them.
The frame contains a low-speed rotating rotor arranged transversely to the fall of the material from the loading mouth placed on the top of the equipment.
The rotor incorporates claws or hammers arranged on its external face in a helical way that, when turning, catch the bags against fixed combs placed on the wall of the equipment. In this way the bags are retained until they are torn by the joint action of claws and combs. The distance between these combs and the claws is adjustable for better regulation depending on the waste and the opening efficiency. The content of the bags is then downloaded by the bottom of the equipment.
The equipment incorporates a hydraulic comb opening systems to facilitate the maintenance or evacuation of any jam by bulky or improper materials.
In addition, all the materials that come into contact with the waste (claws, combs and walls) have a high resistance wear coating.
It is equipped with control panel and automated control prepared with anti-jam program (overcurrent detection), automatic reversing maneuver and automatic cleaning.
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