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All the actions of those who make up INNOVACIONES IMABE S.L.U. are aimed at satisfying the needs and expectations of our stakeholders. To strengthen the commitment to Quality, the Organization has decided to implement a Quality Management system, in accordance with the international standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 in order to integrate the highest quality and respect for the environment in all and each one of its activities to offer its services of DESIGN, MANUFACTURE, MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL OF ASSEMBLY, AFTER-SALES SERVICE OF MACHINERY AND TREATMENT PLANTS FOR URBAN SOLID WASTE, WASTE WASTE, FORGAGES AND AGRO-INDUSTRIAL BY-PRODUCTS.
This implementation implies compliance with applicable regulatory and legal requirements, as well as a commitment to continuous improvement.
Specifically, the INNOVACIONES IMABE S.L.U. Management Policy is defined in:
  • Commitment to the interested parties so that they have the necessary and appropriate solutions for their circumstances, maintaining the link over time and fostering confidence in the Quality and Excellence of our work.
  • Effective assignment of roles and responsibilities so that the concept of quality is present at all levels and activities.
  • Raise awareness and motivate staff about the importance of the implementation and development of a Management System, guaranteeing their training for the proper performance of their activities within the organization.
  • Implement and maintain internal management and control measures to meet requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality system and thus ensure the satisfaction of our stakeholders.
  • Give our clients adequate technical advice in the choice of equipment so that they are tailored to their needs.
  • Make machines that are more efficient, reliable and easier to maintain.
  • Provide an efficient and fast Technical Service in the resolution of breakdowns, commissioning and assembly of our equipment.
  • Respect the commitments acquired with the client, meeting deadlines and quality in the production of the equipment.
  • Maintain the trust of our clients and retain new ones.
Considering these guidelines, this management reiterates its firm commitment by joining efforts to achieve these objectives, so this policy is understood, implemented and kept up-to-date at all levels of the organization.
Madrid, 03 to February 2020
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